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I can't complete my Georgia CLE requirements. What do I do?

Updated: May 22, 2019

Many attorneys face hardship during the course of their careers. The hardship can impact your ability to work or complete your continuing legal education requirements. There are many resources available through the State Bar of Georgia that can help you during difficult times.

Per Bar Rule 8-104, attorneys must earn twelve (12) hours of actual instruction in an approved continuing legal education activity each year. Bar Rule 8-103 creates the Commission on Continuing Lawyer Competency (CCLC), a permanent commission consisting of sixteen (16) members. The CCLC has general supervisory authority to administer the State Bar Rules mandating CLE.

When a Georgia Bar member is experiencing an undue hardship, a hardship exemption can be filed with the CCLC. An undue hardship exemption can be requested on physical disability or other grounds. The CCLC reviews and approves or disapproves hardship requests on an individual basis. See Rule 8-104 and Regulation 2.

If you are experiencing a hardship and want to attend a Georgia Lawyers CLE seminar, please reach out to Tangela S. King, Director of Georgia Lawyers CLE at

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